The Musicality of the Voice

Your voice is a very personal instrument as it is in your body and closely connected to your soul and creativity. On this two-day workshop you will work with the musicality of your voice in a playful and focused manner. The primary goal is not singing as such, but to deepen your relation to your own voice and to enhance your ability to create sounds, stories and atmospheres through your voice.

Please bring a small extract of a song you enjoy or would find interesting to work with. This extract will be one of the ways to work with the colours of your voice - how it can be interpreted and how it can be used to express the story you want to tell. The other ways of working with the colours of your voice are through improvisations, warmup and the exploration of the connection between body and voice.

The workshop is in English and is for both singers and non-singers at all levels.

Teachers: Sašo Vollmaier

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Første mødegang
Lør 21.01.2023 11:00-16:55

Sidste mødegang
Søn 22.01.2023 11:00-16:55

Saso Vollmaier

Move'n Act
Grønnegade 93 E
8000 Aarhus C

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