Creative Lab

Creative Lab is a two-day creative process workshop designed for actors/artists, and also for non-professionals who have some experience, who wish to produce their own original material, for individual or collective purposes. By the end of the workshop, you will have enough material in hand to start developing your own project, and/or tools on how to approach an idea.

Creative Lab explores the five basic elements of the arts, used in all art forms: SPACE, TIME, RHYTHM, SHAPE and ENERGY.

Through proposals and practical exercises based on improvisation, freewriting, voice work and body movement, you will have the opportunity of becoming an actor-creator by immersing yourself in your own creative process.

By the end of the workshop all participants – under guidance – will be joining their individual creations in order to create a collective performance, 100% authorial.

Ana Luiza Ulsig is an actress, writer and director. She holds a Master Degree in Actor & Performer Training from Rose Bruford College (2018, London, UK), and a BA in Acting from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO). Ana has worked with major theatre companies in Brazil, such as Cia Ensaio Aberto and Tá Na Rua Street Theatre Company, performed at Lisbon’s and Porto’s national theatres, and in Denmark she has participated in Aarhus 2017 Cultural European Capital with Teatret Gruppe 38 and partners in Australia, Italy and Austria.She has a great passion for and expertise in Impro Technique, and she has produced, devised and written her own plays in collaboration with other artists since 2007. She is currently directing the play "MOM", with Lusus Theatre (DK), as well as planning a Danish tour of her award-winning one-woman-show "The Journey of a Warlike Mind". Read more about Ana here

This workshop is in English.

NB: Ved tilmelding til denne workshop gør vi opmærksom på, at ordlyden "Antal deltagere 1" betyder, at man kun kan tilmelde en deltagere ad gangen.




Første mødegang
Lør 28.05.2022 10:30-17:25

Sidste mødegang
Søn 29.05.2022 10:30-17:25

Ana Luiza Ulsig Leit

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